Adventure Racing is a multi-sport event that requires teams to work together to navigate via map and compass to predetermined locations identified as Control Points (CP’s). The Bay 2 Bog Adventure Race strives to provide participants with an opportunity to get out and enjoy nature by introducing them to some of our favourite locations in the St Martins area, while having them compete for the great prizes provided by our sponsors


Approximate distances are based on the 2016 Bay 2 Bog 10 Hour Adventure Race, but serve as a good baseline for this year’s race.

  • Navigation: Navigation applies to all race disciplines. Teams will be provided with pre-plotted maps indicating the location of CP’s and Transition Areas (TA’s). A map booklet will accompany the map, including descriptions of the CP’s (ex. 35m N of road stream junction) and general rules for the race. Each racer is required to carry a compass and must be familiar with the basics of its use. Much of the navigation is basic; sticking to roads, trails etc. but there are some instances where a bushwack, swampwack or bikewack may be advantageous. Who am I kidding, bikewacks are never advantageous…
  • Trek/Run: Could be atv trails, asphalt roads, beaches, or bushwacks. Approximate Distance: 17 Km
  • Bike: Typically atv trails or dirt roads. Although many of the potential routes are non-technical, the area is rocky. The terrain encountered in our race demands the use of a mountain bike. Anything else is just silly. Approximate Distance 52 Km
  • Paddle: Typically by Canoe or Kayak. Will be a lake or river paddle. Any significant portaging will be made known to participants prior to race day. Approximate Distance: 4 Km